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November 17, 2009

Consumer Action – Data Depot

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Several months ago, I purchased a mailing list from Data Depot – big mistake as it turned out – they just took my money and never provided the promised information. 

Their website listed the data elements they promised and it appeared to be just what I needed.  Once I received the mailing list, I found that they had not included the City – certainly an important element in a mailing list don’t you think?  I contacted them several times before finally receiving a response that there must be something wrong with my computer.  Absurd – it was a data file downloaded from an FTP site.  Didn’t require any programs to run or anything.  I contacted them several more times and they simply refused to respond and they refused to provide a refund.

I then filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau – what a waste of time.  I’ve come to the conclusion after this and a previous encounter with the BBB that it is not worth the effort and time.  Data Depot responded that they don’t guarantee the accuracy of the data and I agreed to that when I purchased the mailing list.  True, I do understand that they cannot possibly guarantee the accuracy of the data as addresses change fequently in some cases; however, I did not agree to purchase a mailing list totally missing a promissed data element (city).

I then filed a complaint with the State of Florida Division of Consumer Affairs.  Data Depot simply refused to respond to them and they closed the file with no action. 

The company’s particulars:  Data Depot (, 6822 22nd Avenue North, Suite 284, St. Petersburg, FL, 33710 USA, Toll Free: 800-555-DATA (3282), E-mail:

Fellow consumer advocates, is this the kind of company with whom you would want to do business?  Please let Data Depot know what you think about their behavior.


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