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January 19, 2010

Home Security Systems & Monitoring – Are You Really Getting Your Money’s Worth?

Ever wonder if your home is really being monitored by your home security company?   Perhaps you are looking for a company and not sure which one to choose.  ADT?  Broadview (formerly Brinks)?  Sterling?  Protection One?

I can offer two reviews based on first-hand knowledge.  Hope it helps someone in their decision process.

ADT:  We had ADT in our home for several years.  Fortunately, we never needed the protection they supposedly offered but, by chance, we learned about their poor monitoring service.  Their installation and equipment were no better or worse than others we had researched so we chose them based on their name-recognition. 

In January 2009, our alarm went off on two different occasions.  Neither time did we receive a call from ADT to determine if we had a real emergency.  According to their sales pitch and literature, they were supposed to immediately call to determine if a real emergency existed and, if unable to verify that we were OK, dispatch the police.  This did not happen either time.  In fact, their only response was to the second alarm and it consisted of us receiving a letter about 2 weeks after the alarm occurred.  These instances left us feeling very unsecure about our security company.  As a result, we canceled the service with ADT.

Protection One.  This company seems to place more focus on personal account management.  I have gotten to know one of their Residential Security Consultants, Jessie Hayes, Jr., and have learned a lot about his and the company’s approach to personal service to make sure their customers know they are receiving the services for which they are paying.  I am not aware of any instances where Protection One has failed to properly monitor their customers’ security systems.

I would certainly recommend Protection One over ADT based on my experience and knowledge.  If anyone has feedback about these or any other security company, please feel free to submit your reviews for publishing.

Clark Bailey, Owner
Bailey’s Health Store
Bailey’s Renew-o-vators Carpet and Floor Cleaning Professionals


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