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May 2, 2010

DataDepot.Biz Website Endorsements: Are They Real or Fake?

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We know that there have been numerous complaints filed against and that they have an F rating with the West Florida Better Business Bureau but when you view the website for, they show some pretty impressive endorsements.  In an effort to find someone who has had a good experience with them, we began looking into these endorsements.  Here’s what we’ve found so far:

# 1.  Lynne Jones, President of Escrows Direct – we were able to find a record for Escrows Direct located in Seminole, FL.  According to the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations, this company was incorporated 5/2/2007.  No officer name is shown and the status of the company is listed as inactive.  The last event recorded is “ADMIN DISSOLUTION FOR ANNUAL REPORT” filed on 9/26/2008.  We were not able to find the Lynne Jones shown on the endorsement.

Is endorsement # 1 real or fake?

# 2.  Adele Krsek of Family Shield USA.  We were able to locate only one company with this name.  It was incorporated in New Hampshire 11/4/2005 and its current status is shown as “Admin Dissolution/Suspension” as of 8/31/2007.  The company’s articles of incorporation show 3 different people signing the form; however, none of them are Adele Krsek.

We also found a Family Shield (USA) where the name is an alternative title for the TV series, “To Serve and Protect.”  We did not find an Adele Krsek associated with this name.

Our name search for “Adele Krsek” turned up two women in the U.S.

Is endorsement # 2 real or fake?

# 3.   Pilar Jiminez, listed as Vice President for Pericia International.  We found Pericia International and it appears to be an on-going business.  We contacted the company and were informed by the President of the company that there is no one at the company by the name of Pilar Jiminez and there never has been.

Is endorsement # 3 real or fake?

# 4.  Brian Williams, VP of Marketing at Crossfire Financial, Inc.  The only business we found during our internet search with a similar name was Crossfire Financial Network located in Florida.  The company we found is a mortgage brokerage company according to their website; however, the e-mail address they have listed on their “contact us” page is invalid so we are unable to verify the endorsement, the person supposedly making the endorsement or the actual existence of the company represented in the endorsement.

Is endorsement # 4 real or fake?

These are just a few examples.  Can anyone provide proof that any of the so-called endorsements shown on this company’s website are real?  Is there a credible voice that can validate any of them?  We’re still looking for any positive endorsement of and, so far, are having no luck.


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