Consumer Action


Consumer Action was created to provide a communication vehicle among consumers.  Based on my own experiences and hearing from others, I know there are many people who are frustrated with the increasingly poor service and arrogance of many businesses. 

Taking a lesson from history, we know that when consumers join together and pressure businesses, changes often result.  Businesses care about their bottom line and when enough of us make it clear that we will not spend our hard-earned dollars with them because of the way they behave, it gets their attention.

Another catalyst in the decision to start this site was personal frustration dealing with other so-called consumer advocacy groups.  We need something that calls our fellow citizens to action.  We need to stand strong and shout out loud that we will no longer tolerate poor service, attitudes of indifference and, in some cases, just blatant rip-offs.

This site is here to help everyone share their bad experiences.  We will name names, and call each other to action in support of one another.  By increasing awareness and pressure, I believe we can make a difference but, only if everyone participates. 

What this site is not:  It is not a “venting” spot to just bad-mouth someone or a business.  It is for legitimate problems where a consumer/customer has been unable to get the goods or services for which he/she has paid. 

Let’s stop sitting on the sidelines and griping about the continued demise of good customer service and start doing something about it.  Get mad, get involved and make a difference!

This site is administered by Clark Bailey located in Maylene, Alabama.  Clark has spent most of his adult life (48 years old as of this writing) in customer service related businesses.  He knows how to provide good customer service and knows the hassles involved with trying to do anything about companies that don’t seem to care, especially, those on the internet.  You may contact Clark directly at


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