Consumer Action

Terms and Conditions

Consumer Action is for people to post comments about businesses and/or government actions that are inappropriate, unfair or otherwise create a bad consumer experience.  This blog was started as a way for people to freely share their bad experiences with a broad audience.   Through my own experiences, I have found the Better Business Bureau to be useless when it comes to resolving problems with businesses and I’ve not had much success with governmental “oversight” agencies either.  Seems the only option we have is to hire attorneys and incur the outrageous costs of legal action.

There are two key purposes of this blog:

  1. Inform the world of problems with businesses so other consumers may be aware.
  2. Call to Action.  When a post appears explaining the posters problem, all readers are encouraged to contact the business to inquire about the issue.  This is the key to the success of this blog.  If we all start putting public pressure on companies behaving badly, we can make a difference.


  1. This blog is NOT to be used as a place to just gripe or complain about others just for the sake of “venting.”  All complaints must be real, factual and you must be able to support your complaint with documentation should you be required to do so by an attorney or governmental agency responding to your post.
  2. The authors of any posts assume all responsibility for the facts and information they post on this site.  The administrators of this site make no claims as to the accuracy of the facts and do not make any effort to confirm each poster’s statements. 
  3. All posts are reviewed for compliance with the terms stated herein; however, facts are not confirmed and remain the sole responsibility of the author of the posts.
  4. Slanderous, libelous and/or damaging comments will not be allowed.  Posts must be based in fact and the author must be able to support all claims.
  5. Profanity will not be tolerated.  Posts containing offensive/abusive language will be edited or deleted at the administator’s sole discretion.
  6. All posts must contain the offending business’s name, e-mail contact information, website and phone number.  This is a call to action so contact information is very important.
  7. All posts should briefly describe what actions the poster has already taken in order to resolve its problem/conflict with the accused business.
  8. All posters (those who post comments on this site) agree to update their posts with action taken by the offending businesses in the event our call to action prompts a satsifactory resolution.  It is only fair to post the result plus it will help us track our increased effectiveness as our following and responses grow.


All posts must have the following information to be considered for publication:

  1. The poster’s name (as known by the offending business).  This is needed for reference purposes when readers communicate with the offending business plus for accountability purposes.  If your cause is not worth standing up for, how can you expect the consumer community to stand up for you?
  2. The offending business name
  3. The offending business phone number
  4. The offending business e-mail (may be a “contact us” link on their site)
  5. The offending business website
  6. Brief description of the problem/conflict
  7. Brief explanation of steps the poster has taken to resolve the problem/conflict
  8. How we, the consumer community, may assist you.


In order for this or any consumer advocacy program to work, there must be action taken by those who read and participate.  This site does NOT condone or advocate any violence or illegal activity.  We are not here to be part of the problem but, rather, to help be part of the customer service problem in this country.  Participants in this program agree to be professional and act in a legal manner.  We are here to help bring pressure to businesses that do not behave correctly but let’s not get fanatical about it.

Some suggested actions:

  1. Send e-mails to the offending business stating your support for your fellow consumer.
  2. Contact the business via e-mail and/or phone to inquire about the situation and why they’ve responded they way they have.
  3. Let the business know you will not do business with an organization that does not perform up to your standards with respect to honor, integrity, customer service, etc.
  4. Share, share, share.  Pass along the posted information and share your experiences with respect to the offending businesses.  Post links to this blog on facebook, twitter, mySpace, etc., etc., etc.  Let’s make this thing an effective tool that helps all the “little” guys and gals who can’t effectively fight unethical or poorly run businesses alone.  Together, we can make a positive difference.

If enough people get involved for just a few minutes, we can make a difference.  We are not looking to hurt anyone or any business; it is our goal to bring a new level of accoutability to business who don’t act like they care about customers.  We believe their behavior will change once they see customers sharing and joining efforts.  Make it work for all of us!

Finally, to be fair, businesses are welcome to post responses so everyone can see “both sides” of the story; however, in order for a business post to be considered, it must include what action(s) the business is taking or has taken to resolve the problem/conflict.  General, PR type, empty responses will not be posted.  The responses must be direct and must address the specific problem/conflict.


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